Why we're coool (and different)


Your pillow person is the MOST special person you can create for yourself. 

Your best friend is fun, therapeutic, lovable, comfy, snuggly and will be there for you in good times and bad.

Your pillow person loves to travel, photobomb people and make them laugh! If you want to, you can give them a name - and a voice - and let them develop their own personality!  They can also be the life of any party!



Say goodbye to BORING gifts and mediocre thank yous.

Gifting a pillow person is the MOST UNIQUE, FUN, LOVABLE, COMFY, SNUGGLY, PERSONALIZED gift you can give - that appeals to anyone and everyone! 

Get a heartfelt thank you and create new friends for your pillow people to play with!  



Your new friend is a blast to take to parties, travel with (they make great neck pillows on planes) and makes super fun, memorable photos with you and your friends.  

Being two faced is a good thing when you want to make fun photos and videos with friends! 

Share lots of love and laughs with your friends and their pillow people when you create your own community of pillow people. We make it easy to create your own clan! 

Trust us, your friends are gonna want one too!