Your pillow people don’t actually have to “do it".  

Pillow people production is a simple process! 

Follow these steps and you’ll swiftly be snuggling your pillow person!  




Choose between a single faced pillow (same face both sides) or a two faced pillow (different face/expression on each side).  



Snap a quick selfie (or two), OR find one (or two) of your favorite photos and upload them.

Note: If you’re doing a two sided pillow we suggest making two different faces (so you can do more fun selfie pics with your pillows). 




Once we receive your order, we create your pillow, print, sew, stuff and ship it to you within a few days!

(If there is a problem with your photos/order, we will notify you via email so watch your email to avoid delays in pillow production).



Your pillow person comes with his/her “birthday suit” (No its not the nudist colony type). 

We have custom t-shirts you can order to personalize and dress your pillow based on their persons interests, profession, to celebrate a special occasion, to make a statement or sport your team colors. 

This allows you to personalize your pillow person and bring out their essence to fit any occasion, because, like people, they can have different personalities and dimensions.

Your very own mini me!


BIRTHING YOUR PILLOW PERSON -                                   


Once your order is placed, our designers create a print ready file using your photo to send to production. 

We check the quality of your photo and match your skin tone. 

If there are any issues we will get in touch with you via email asking you for a different image.

(This could delay the labor and delivery process so be sure to watch your email!)



2 - LABOR - 

With a little elfin magic, we make labor super quick and easy!

Our US based factory uses a 100% polyester, super soft sheered low pile fabric for the pillow skin and high quality stuffing material so your pillow person is snuggly and super soft to the touch!! 

We print, stuff and stitch your pillow person and sprinkle it with love and a little fairy dust to make it come to life!  




NO, its not going to be a difficult labor and delivery! 

Once your pillow person is brought to life, we'll carefully package it and ship it to you (or the lucky recipient).

We don’t have a stork drop it off (because they can be unreliable and don’t come with tracking).

You'll receive an email with all tracking information so you can follow your Pillow person’s journey and you can welcome your little bundle of joy in their new home!